We write about the best sounds to hear. Right now.

Mandi Kimes is a musician-turned-promoter with a passion for concerts. After graduating with a degree in Music Business and working for one of the most legendary concert promoters, Mandi is able to assist bands in her city by providing business-minded advice. You can find her bouncing between Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar, or at any record store or coffee shop in Phoenix. When she's not working, she enjoys trivia, thrift shopping, sipping on vodka cranberries, or playing the role of older sister to five siblings or band momma to local bands.


By day, Ryan Kluge is involved in the professional marketing field. Outside of work, Ryan can be seen enjoying music around town. Ryan's music preferences span a vast array of different genres that include, but are not limited to: folk, ambient, rock, EDM, hip-hop, and even metal. New to Seattle, Ryan is originally from Phoenix, where he played bass for indie-rock band Speak Easy and could frequently be seen at Crescent Ballroom. Aside from music, Ryan also has a passion for craft coffee, beer, and cocktails.

Jason Shoff is an avid music-obsessed geek who has been billed as an encyclopedia of music knowledge. Jason has a wide range of musical tastes with a record collection to match (into four figures as of this date). Aside from his day job in social media marketing, he has also spent several years in the Phoenix music scene as writer, show organizer and record label A&R man. When he's not at a live show or shopping for records, he also enjoys eating pizza or pasties, watching sports, reading, writing and playing Cards Against Humanity.

Derek Cooper is an Arizonan of twenty years. Since hanging around the Long Wong’s open mic scene, playing drums with his band "Love PALMS", and guesting with a few local bands, Derek has been a staple at shows and local events. In his free time, Derek studies nonprofit management and works for various social service organizations. You can find him at Tempe sports bars, talking too loudly about the same things, or making fun of Jason’s twang while Jason makes fun of his unironic jazz fusion love. When he’s not breaking hearts he’s breaking arms, once even his own.

Though originally an Arizonan, Kinsey Heath is a human-female-person who fled to Seattle to pursue her pseudo career in music business. Her deep adoration for music is heavily influenced by attending churches, being involved in gospel music and choral music throughout her life, and being enraptured with harmonious, fat, orchestrated sounds that her Brian Wilson-fanatic father introduced to her at a young age. When she isn't working, you can find her Googling pictures of miniature schnauzers, drinking copious amounts of coffee, advocating for human rights, and loving on mother nature.

Spike Brendle was born in Arizona on a hot summer day in August of 1986. Although food and drink play a major part in his everyday life, he finds the most joy in discovering new music. While appreciating all genres of music, he is a sucker for a female-led indie/folk act. When not adventuring through Spotify’s endless wormhole of “suggested” or “related artists,” you can find him running, biking, or doing his most cherished hobby: sleeping. One day, he will be the man behind the curtains at your favorite music festival, but until then you can read and judge his thoughts here.

Jesii Dee is a Phoenix native with the ability to recall all the words to most late 90s country songs, and is amused by the fact that Salt N Peppa pops into her head whenever she sees a salt shaker. Having attended 1-12 shows each week for the last few years, traveled many miles to shows, and spent a fortune on tickets and merch along the way, Jesii is the queen of concerts. While a fan of most music, she tends to enjoy sad singer-songwriter women, harmonizing bearded men, and a good old-fashioned dance party. Music aside, Jesii works in marketing, enjoys singing, plays ukulele, and loves trying new yoga class. 

Allyson Bills moved from Portland to Phoenix about eight years ago because of her love for the heat. While a student at the University of Oregon, Allyson volunteered at the WOW Hall music venue. As an avid music fans, you can easily catch Allyson at almost any show in the Valley. In her free time, Allyson volunteers for the Stateside Presents street team; but most importantly, she enjoys sleeping. Every Tuesday, you can expect Allyson to celebrate #ticketstubtuesday by posting ticket stubs from past shows she has seen on Twitter.

Nathan Pavolko is the music nerd who will share a glass of Jameson just to talk your ear off about how awesome Mike Watt is. Originally from Lansing, Nathan moved to Phoenix to pursue film and photography after his band, Edible Intention, broke up. Recently, he has started an indie rock project called Lovebliss. Nathan has a decent collection of vinyl and cassettes ranging from every genre imaginable. You can find him at a record shop, coffee shop, brewery, or art gallery. He invites you to grab a drink, spark up a cigarette, and talk about how the hisses and pops changed our lives.

Since the age of four, Nancy Dahl knew she was a music lover: sitting in her "curbside classic" dark blue 1980 Chevy Citation with her mom, singing ABBA's "Money Money Money." From The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Jackson; to listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Pixies in her sister's room; and memorizing Tupac lyrics and making up dances to Da Dip with the friends. Those days were what she called "quite eclectic." Nowadays, Nancy loves to listen to and write about every kind of music, as long as something about it makes her want to move, think, sing, laugh, or cry.