Warm Soda's "Symbolic Dream"

By Spike B

Austin, Texas. Okay its about 4 hours away from the nearest beach, but to bring the bright, surf pop feels all the way from sunny California…Warm Soda has accomplished just that. Even at first listen, these twelve (relatively short) tracks will have you tasting the salt in the air on a bright summer day while playing hooky with your best gal on the beach.

The first track, "I Wanna Know Her" is a perfect intro to the tactfully simple, lo-fi surf pop bliss that is Symbolic Dream. Warm, familiar guitar tones carry you from track to track with a faint sense of bittersweet nostalgia. Getting deeper into the album, "I Wanna Go Fast" will ease your desire for the angst pop punk anthem that you’ve been missing since high school.

One track that really caught my attention was towards the end, "Will You Be There For Me?" Without using the term “epic,” this track plays out like a “dork turned hero gets the girl” movie. The first verse introduces our protagonist, while first chorus brings in the antagonist. The second verse you find out dork is not a dork at all. and finally, during the second chorus, insert the climax. The boy becomes a man and saves the day (then yes there is the kissing scene, gross). Not many credits in this film hence the short outro, but Warm Soda have a trend of getting straight to the point on this album.  

The overall feeling of this album is great. Although most the songs sound (somewhat) similar, the exit track "Lemonade Lullaby" swings you in a completely different direction. More of a slow dance than a lullaby, it will still provide you with the comfort of being serenaded at home in your own red race car bed.

If I were asked to describe this album in 18 words, it would definitely be “Lo-Fi Surf Pop with uncoordinated yet perfectly crafted Is This It Strokes-esque guitar riffs with Happy Sad feels.”

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