Monarchy's "Re|Vision"

By Jesii Dee

Monarchy, a synth-pop duo by way of London, released the ten-track Re|Vision. It's not new material of their own writing, but a collection of covers, and it's done really well. 

The first track "Maybe I'm Crazy" smashed it's way through my head phones and instantly changed my mood for the better after the first listen. It is now at the top of my Song of the Summer list. The second track, the classic Beck song "Lost Cause," is like a nice cool breeze. It's a refreshing twist on a song most people know well, as good cover songs should be. 

The record moves forward with a good pace, and clocks in just shy of the forty minute mark. So even the slowest moments on the record are not there long enough to slow down the mood. Mixed in with their previously released album, Abnocto, it makes for a solid foundation for a pool party playlist (it's been a hit at least at my house). 

Kick back with your sunglasses, sip on something fruity with a little umbrella, and enjoy Re|Vision by Monarchy.

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