Peptalk's "Islet"

By Spike Brendle & Chelsea Kavanagh

Peptalk's debut album, Islet, is the result of the different cultural experiences of Shayna Dunkelman, Michael Carter, and Angelica Negron. Born in Oakland, California, Peptalk sounds like the lovechild of Man Man and M83, combining percussion, bird calls, synthesizers, and wind and string instruments to make an album that can transport the listener to a far off imaginary land with every song.

The album takes experimental to the next level. Organized chaos? No, there is no consistency to any of this. This album is non-organized chaos. The very cool thing about this is that it could totally pass at an EDM festival, yet be completely out of that genre of music.

In the first track, "Panorama", you are taken to a misty Japanese garden with sounds similar to a Koto. On "St. Michaels Mount" the use of horns and bells and the grittier sound gives the vibe of a neon-soaked Caribbean street corner.

All in all the album is melodic and beautifully haunting. Parents, instead of talking to your kids about drugs, just give them this "Peptalk."

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