Laurice's "Best of Laurice Vol. 2"

By Daniel Westover

Known for his post-disco, glam-punk mid 70s classics like "Flying Saucers Have Landed" and "I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In", Laurice is now nearly fifty years later releasing his Best Of Laurice Vol. 2 album on Mighty Mouth Records.

Let’s focus on the good, first. This album has true moments of greatness. “Dark Side of Your Face” is a brilliant breakup song which somehow bridges the gap of anger and love. And then, to follow up with a very toned down “Diamonds are Forever”? Absolutely genius. The opener, “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” is a promising nod to those who like a good, grungy guitar, and the premise is delightfully weird.  

Laurice has done a very good job connecting the old and the new. “You Gotta Take the Good Times With the Bad” could have been a Zombies song – and I love the Zombies. The single, “Wonderin’” would have fit in nicely in any John Hughes movie from the 80’s. When the guitar is turned up, it is completely reminiscent of Seattle. And then the closer “Goin’ Home” is a really fun ukulele/banjo song which reminds me of Amanda Palmer covering Radiohead. Again, not a bad thing at all.

Where I do have an issue: I don’t think the record is cohesive at all.  There are a lot of songs that I would happily play again, and there are a couple of great segues. But, would I play it again, as a whole? Probably not.

The vocals, for me at least, are not appealing, and I hate to say that, because there really isn’t anything wrong with them. Second, despite the fact that there is good musicianship all over the album, nothing really stood out for me. I would absolutely recommend listening to this, and I’m absolutely positive many of you will love it. I can’t give my recommendation, though.

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