WIN WIN's "Primaries"

By Jesii Dee

My first impression listening to WIN WIN's Primaries is this has some dreamy and textured layers, synth-topped real instruments (appreciated), with buzzy vocals. WIN WIN sets out to take you somewhere, though I'm not sure exactly where. But it's cool, I'm in it for the adventure, not the destination. 

I enjoyed the lead single, "Been So Long," and watching it with the video is really the key to enjoying WIN WIN. Hearing the songs through head phones without the visuals is only getting half the story. "Couch Paranoia" is another favorite off the record, winding its weird little way through my ears. If you've never taken psychedelics, this gives you a good idea of what they can do without the loss of brain cells. 

The songs drift in an out seamlessly from track to track, and seem ready to just about pounce on the listener, but then they restrain themselves. "Don't Freak Out" is my other favorite; with my snap judgment being that it sounds like a light show; I want to see the light show while they play this song. I'll settle for making one up in my head as I listen to this song in the mean time.

Check it out if you're into complex songs (technically speaking) that stay light enough on their feet to still be accessible to new listeners. Also, if you want to feel like you're on a rocket ship during a light show, this ones for you. 

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