Pyramid's "Night Tales"

By Jesii Dee

Pyramid, a French electro artist, debuts his first solo EP with Night Tales. The four tracks are a solid group of songs that each weave around the soundscape, while remaining balanced & clean. Each song has a mix of textures to it, that remains cohesive throughout.

Night Tales opens with "Highway," a great three-and-a-half-minute introduction to the artist if you're not familiar. The second track, "Film Noir," is a collaboration with Holy Oysters providing the only vocals on the EP. They add more dimension to the track with some heavy 80s sounding effects, while still sounding fresh. "Omega" is the single for the EP, and carries the strongest melody of the four tracks. Lastly, "Night Lights" rounds out the set of tracks with a rousing finish. It builds and breaks down throughout the five-plus minutes, never being too bass heavy or rough. 

Overall, this is a smooth EP that has left me a long-term fan of Pyramid. Check it out if you're looking for something new to work out to, dance to, or to distract you from grey cubicle walls while working for the man. 

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