Sharon Van Etten's "I Don't Want to Let You Down"

By Kinsey Heath

Sharon Van Etten had a massive year in 2014 with her most successful album yet, Are We There, which displays the markings of a woman in turmoil trying to navigate her way through the waters of a defected relationship. 

Her new EP release I Don’t Want To Let You Down continues to revolve around the deprivations of love and what it sounds like to be pissed, sad, and stuck with lyrics like “We ask ourselves where we are now, who we are, and what that means // You set me off just like a gun, and then run just like blood” from the track “Just Like Blood.”

I Always Fall Apart” is Van Etten melodically pleading “I need you now just as a friend // I need a hand held, not a pushing // I need a way to help me stand, I don’t need a crutch.” Ultimately, Van Etten weaves each track with her poetical ability to display her emotional intelligence by recognizing her inherit flaws as a human.

This five track EP is a powerful representation of what kind of artist she is. Van Etten’s voice is sorrowful but alleviating. she is intimate without oversharing, and overall, her music instills a sheer brightness in you that sends you into an atmospheric glow, but then brings you back down with fervent emotion.

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