Le Zets' "Deadweight"

By Spike Brendle

Los Angeles' Richard Romero and Phoenix's Margo Swann and producer Bob Hoag blend together in a garage rock/blues explosion of sound in what was released this past June as Deadweight as Le Zets.

At first listen, “Favor for a Favor” will trick you into thinking you picked up some underground metal album, until the crunchy blues riff and the drums kick in, soon to be joined by Swann’s pleasantly sweet, reverb-rich voice. Throughout the whole album, Swann’s vocals teeter on the tasteful side of the “reverb to distortion” fence. As the album progresses, the songs keep the same “straight-to-the-point” attitude while maintaining their own identity.

As much as this album reminds me of a less trebly early White Stripes, tracks like “All I Want” and “Merlot” seem to channel more of a Misfits vibe. “Lobs” brings us back to the simple, White Stripes-esque songwriting and style. The dual vocals really make this track special, however I am drawn to that sort of thing, so you can judge me or judge for yourself! All in all this is a very impressive first release, I can not wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Le Zets and Love Me Nots are playing tonight, July 2nd at Lost Leaf in Phoenix (914 N 5th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004). Lost Leaf will be a great venue to host this show, and unless things have changed there is never a cover! I will go ahead and assume that you do not have work on Friday due to our nation's independence back in 1776 so you have very few excuses not to go.

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