The Lulabelles' "Stories"

By Spike Brendle

The more I hear it, the more I love it. Multi-vocalist folk bands are my jam, and The Lulabelles do not fall short in that category. Before doing any research, I dove right into their latest release, Stories.

The first and title track, “Stories” jumps right into a chorus full of energy and shines with hope and happiness. The thing that drew me in immediately was the “fiddle cocoon” that subtly wraps around the song and helps the other elements grow as the track plays on. Sean Magwire, Mike and Jenni Weber lead the vocals in this five piece ensemble, and the way their voices melt together is what all artists in this genre dream of. The second track, “Be Still My Heart” is a great example of this. The song starts almost a capella, with the exception of a nice, crisp, simple yet powerful acoustic guitar for the foundation. Once the vocals start to hit the higher register, and really begins to tug at your emotions, a kick drum brings us into a climax of folk/pop bliss.

The five-track EP ends with a slower, more emotional track called “Between the Cracks.” A very mellow first few verses, add in a quiet mandolin and the vocals even sneak in a few quick falsettos, which were a nice surprise. Right when you sense a mild build up, Weber (Jenni) joins in on the second round of escalation until another powerful kick drum takes the song to another level, but not over the top. The perfect way to end a solid EP, that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to...and will definitely be listening to again.

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