Novembervagen's "Destination"

By Ashley Taylor

Novembervagen is a five-piece band out of Stockholm, Sweden composed of Maya Bergman (vocals, guitar, piano), Frida Lidgren (bass), Samuel Klemetsson (drums, percussion), and guitarists Jim Nurminen and Francisco Campos Riquelme.

Destination ounds a lot like the way my favorite type of film looks: low­-saturation,  emotional, like the setting of a dark, foggy city in the mountains, peppered with pines, overlooking a calm but somber sea. It's a  simple but breathtaking landscape with secrets buried beneath it. This is a record that creates an entire atmosphere, one of those albums you listen to privately with your headphones on and your eyes closed while you tune out the world and get lost in a new one.

The album starts off with the title track “Destination,” an instrumental intro that is as powerful as it is brief. It's sleepy, repetitive melody puts listeners into a sort of trance before leading them into the second track (and my personal favorite) “Momentum.” The beginning notes hit like the pitter-­patters of steady rainfall, followed by Bergman’s unexpectedly deep and subtly powerful vocals.

Many of the tracks are woven with wooly waves of fuzzy pedal effects, reminiscent of Circa Survive’s On Letting Go, one of the most influential experimental/progressive rock albums from my teenage years. Others like “Alla hittar hem en dag” (which roughly translates into “Everyone Finds Home One Day”) are more ambient with spoken word and traces of Eastern Asian influence, and more meditative in their overall composition.

This album has all the elements we love about shoegaze­­ distortion, layers of guitars, ethereal vocals­­ married with unique female vocals and draped in a certain sedate darkness. You can listen to Destination in its entirety on Spotify and on their Bandcamp page.

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