Raw Fabrics' "Plastic Joy"

By Nathan Pavolko

Raw Fabrics is an L.A-based rock trio climbing the ranks with their debut EP Gold Handcuffsalong with their first national tour under their belt. Immediately after the tour, the band went straight to work on their newest venture into rock anthems, titled Plastic Joy. Recorded by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, U2, The Strokes) Raw Fabrics easily achieve the big boom of a 2000’s radio alternative rock band. With catchy rhythms, wigged out distortion, and classic rock n’ roll sensibility all sugar coated with an arrogant swagger, the drive Jack B. Franco has behind the wheel of the project proves the young trio are in it for the long hull. 

The sophomore EP starts off with the track "Beast," with a vocal bravado and a pounding rhythm setting the tone for a rock anthem the likes of Queen’s "We Will Rock You". A simple yet elegant piano glide with the vocals, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to the track, then cuts into a growling guitar break.

Second, is their single "Dead Instruments" taking off with a catchy vocal melody grooving with the drums. I like the simplicity of this song and how they went down to just snaps and vocals. For a bit, the song has a 50s rock n’ roll crooning, then breaks back to the much more current chorus. Next, is my favorite track off the five song EP, "Move Over." Bass and drums are locked in a tight groove as a guitar melody floats with the vocals breathing a more tame song than the rest of Plastic Joy. 

Plastic Joy is excellently produced; the quality is brilliant like The Strokes newest record. Raw Fabrics are a tight-knit band and have a sizzling urgency that I could see taking them to the radio along side alternative greats. The only thing I feel holding them from that is they wear their influences on their sleeves, and I don’t mean that literally. Setting themselves apart from their heavy influences could do them some good. All in all, Raw Fabrics have a wonderfully classic sound with splashes of fresh air with their sophomore EP Plastic JoyFor fans of Arctic Monkeys and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs check out Plastic Joy, released August 18th.

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