HAELOS' "Full Circle"

By Jesii Dee

HAELOS is a UK-based trio consisting of Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney, and Dom Goldsmith that formed in 2014. Their first EP arrived to a buzz mid-2015, and now their first full-length release, fittingly called Full Circle, hits all the right spots for your pre- and post-party listening pleasure. Subtle yet specific, there's a story to tell within each track, yet they don’t necessarily say it in words or rush to get to a central point. Instead, they create a lot of space to work within each track, allowing each one to build upon itself and unfold.

The title track has vocals stacked up, and gives the strongest vibes on the late 90s. The effects and multi-layered sounds flow together, around and on-top of each other, yet solidify the central core sound that is reflected in the overall record. “Separate Lives,” the lead single off the record, is a lush song with vocals trading off during the verses and joining together for the chorus. Peeking into a break up between two people and what the tension caused, this song is what the chaos might sound like as they move apart. HAELOS makes plenty of parallels with the song title and how this song thus plays out, and circles back on itself toward the end. 

Benardout takes the lead on “Oracle” with crystal-clear vocals before sinking into a rumbling beat, transforming into an electric collective of tones dancing around each other in a cohesive tapestry. The metronome-like beat heard throughout “Cloud Nine” backs up a fuzzy melody on the keyboard, while the lyrics tell a pretty dark story about losing faith completely, not having any air left in a space, and mourning the loss of a comfortable feeling that's now removed.

There's a pattern that develops over the course of each song, and HAELOS shows their signature moves with duets, building up to peaks of various heights, and lingering in the moments between songs just long enough. Their work induces a fantastic late 90s vibe, well before EDM and its thunderous bass took over what the masses would think of as electronic music. With depths of sonic texture and moments of bright clarity, Full Circle is a work of art that deserves a spot on your spring or summer 2016 playlists. For fans of Beach House, The XX, Moby, or Passion Pit: check out HAELOS.


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