By Mandi Kimes

Eoin and Rory Loveless, brothers from Sheffield, make up the grungy garage-rock duo that is Drenge. Joined by Rob Graham on bass during tour, Drenge have had a busy year; from touring through the US and UK, playing festivals worldwide, and releasing their sophomore album, Undertow. The band shows no signs of slowing down, but rather, they're about to heat up, as they make their way to Phoenix for a performance with Wolf Alice on Sunday, October 11th at Valley Bar. But first, check out the exclusive interview we conducted with lead singer and guitarist, Eoin Loveless.

MANDI: For your music video “Woods,” what inspired you to film at the cement-making process at Hope Cement Park, instead of a forest?
EOIN: The cement factory was behind our school and its train line ran past our old house. I think it works nicely against the videos for “We Can Do What We Want” and “Running Wild,” which examine urban and rural life. This time we wanted to examine industry and it’s a healthy juxtaposition between visuals and lyrics.

MANDI: I first saw you guys on Late Show w/ David Letterman, and your set seemed to blow away both the audience and Letterman himself. Do you have any plans to appear on more US television shows?
EOIN: We really enjoyed our time on Letterman and it was a great opportunity to play our new track and get some exposure over here. I'd definitely love to do another to show in the future. 

MANDI: I read that you were highly recommended by Tom Watson to Labour party leader Ed Milliband, when he resigned. How do you feel about that?
EOIN: At the time it was a bit of a shock; it was mass exposure in the UK from all news sources. I think he's a great politician and a huge music fan and his mention brought our music to a lot of people.

MANDI: I read your Tumblr, which is actually somewhat of a band journal. Where do you find the time to update it daily? Is it difficult to maintain?
EOIN: We used to update it a lot more, but it's fallen into occasional use. Right now I'm posting up diary entries from our time in the states. 

MANDI: Are there any bands from UK you saw live when you were younger that have risen to fame?
EOIN: I saw George Ezra in a theatre playing to a handful of people about two years ago. I saw Wolf Alice open up for Splashh a year before that. They seem to be doing pretty well right now.

MANDI: Have you visited Arizona before? What are you excited to discover here?
EOIN: It's our first time to Arizona and we're very much looking forward to playing there. I'm not sure I'm ready for the heat though. 

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