Family of the Year

By Mandi Kimes

Family of the Year has been on a whirlwind of touring; I mean, they were here last month and will be back in Arizona this week with Lord Huron at the Marquee Theatre. But when you’ve had a hit single featured in an Oscar-nominated film, you don’t have time to stop. Now, after having finished recording a new album, Family of the Year is ready to hit the road again and show people what’s new. I spoke with band member Christina Schroeter about their new-found fame and what’s to come for the band.

MK: Who are some of your musical influences?
 Growing up, I  listened to a lot of what my sisters were listening to - Blondie, The Clash, INXS, more classic influences. I grew up with 80s music. But lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of War on Drugs and The Preatures. I just watched a Harry Nillson documentary today. To me, it’s all important as long as it’s a good song.

MK: Besides the brothers, you all come from different backgrounds. How did you all meet and connect?
James Buckey moved to Boston where Joe & Sebastian (the Keefe brothers) lived and he produced one of their old band’s records. Then they moved to LA where I lived and met them at a bar.

MK: I first heard your song "Hero" on the movie trailer for Boyhood, which was one of my favorite films last year. Just a few months ago, I heard it on trending radio. How has the sky-rocketing of that song changed your band over the past year?
 We toured A LOT until about a year ago, and now we’ve had a year off, which is weird because that’s when everything happened. We’re getting ready to tour again. We just recently played FestivAltAz on April 10th, and we were fortunate to see The War on Drugs at the Pressroom the evening before.

MK: Where did you film your performance shots for the "Hero" music video?
 We drove out to just outside LA and it’s a little rodeo stadium and they have these bulls that you can ride every week. The whole community comes and meets up and the director found these people and we crashed their event.

MK: One of my favorite songs from your Loma Vista album is "In the End". Did you write that song with anyone in mind?
Me & Joe wrote that after we had finished recording, and then we brought this song to our producer and he put it on the album. We wrote it about each other - it’s just hard: going on the road, never having money, etc. It was our band anthem: “In the end, I got you.”

MK: What details can you give us about the new album?
We are so so so so excited to release this music. I think it’s good. I’m a little stoked about it. It’s a little more rock music and mellow music at the same time. It’s being released August or September.

MK: What are you currently listening to?
I’m obsessed with Rhianna...I love her new song “Bitch Better Have My Money”. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to a lot of War on Drugs.

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