#SOR - "Dim the Lights" by Wild Ones

By Spike Brendle

I am extremely excited about anything new from Wild Ones, so naturally when they announced the release date for their EP Heatwave (Aug. 14, 2015) and shared their first single, Dim the Lights" this week, it definitely jumped to the top of my play count.

The track begins slow and easy, with a lo-fi electro beat under a few soft verses. Danielle Sullivan has a way with her voice, capturing the sweet sound of innocence that leads you along through each track blindly, not knowing what’s next but, in full trust, that it is exactly what you want (and need). The anticipation kicks in during the pre-chorus... and BAM! Chorus to the dome with crashing cymbals and guitars, but Sullivan is still in full control of where the song is headed.

Lather, rinse, and repeat what just happened and you have yourself one addicting song. The chorus continues out instrumentally through the end with some #slicklicks over the rhythm… and if you close your eyes you may just find yourself riding off into the sunset in your classic Camaro with ray-bans on and cig in mouth.

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