#SOPE - "Taste" by Braids

By Spike Brendle

This week, I have been gearing up for the BRAIDS show next Monday, June 22nd at Crescent Ballroom. BRAIDS new album, Deep In the Iris, was released in April of this year. The whole album has more of an organic feel than their previous releases; but don’t worry, the ambient electronic aspects are still very present. Though there are many stand out tracks on this album, (including the feminist anthem, “Miniskirt," which was featured on our blog earlier this month.) the second track on the album, "Taste," is the one that has been Stuck On Play, Everyday.

I was captured by this track immediately, as it begins with an electro-driving beat with a very natural sounding, simple piano progression. Raphaelle Standell’s vocals are portrayed a little softer in this song compared to some of the other tracks on the album. This combination creates the perfect opportunity for drawn out, powerful choruses without loud crashing drums or screaming, which Standell takes 100% advantage of. The simplicity of the piano throughout the song really spotlights the lyrics and carries the song in an almost “classy” fashion.

I could only describe the lyrical content on this album as most others do: “intense.” Standell is very passionate and descriptive about the topics of these songs, whether it’s about abuse, slut-shaming, or in this case, love. “Taste” tells the tale of stubbornness, desire, coming back for more and wanting what you can not have. The ending slows down into a trance of what feels like a message from your conscience, finishing with a somewhat positive outlook: We can’t explain why // We hurt the ones we love most of all // Deep in the iris // You see a place of hope again.

Good song, great album, and TWO sold out shows this coming Monday (well, with the help of Purity Ring). I am looking forward to seeing these songs performed live, especially this one!

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