#SOPE - Planes on Paper

By Spike Brendle

Spotify did me good this week…real good. I was presented with the band Planes on Paper via “Suggested For You” in my discovery list. I did not know what I was in for, as it was not apparent what or who they sounded like. Instead of going for the most popular song listed at the top, I decided to start from their first EP, The East End.  From the second the vocals came in on the first song, “Day Alone,” I knew I was going to love them. There is something about dual male/female vocals that really makes a song special, and they have two EPs worth of just that.

Without getting too in depth about any specific song, I wanted to further walk you through my journey through their music. Like I said before, right when the vocals came in I was hooked. Each track on The East End gets warmer and more comfy as the EP progresses, leaving the listener with a sense of peacefulness and contentment. If there were a perfect soundtrack for a cozy hillside picnic with the one you love, overlooking a valley of flowers drenched in sunshine under a crisp blue sky, this would be it. It is hard to get through this EP without a smile on your face, and all the feels in your heart.

The follow up EP, The Ruins, adds percussion and a lap steel giving what they already accomplished prior a more full, rich sound. After listening to the first track, “Iron Boat” pushes you out of tranquility into a somber story of an evil soul spreading his darkness upon others.  “Cause when the rats get in // Through the bowels of the ship, spread their sin, to the hopeful cries of hopeless men who sailed the rising sea.” As big of a mood change as this song is, it is somewhat of a “refreshing darkness” sandwiched between happiness, reflection and forgiveness.

After a little research, I was pleased to find that there are live videos of the actual recordings made for their first EP on their YouTube page. Planes on Paper are from Washington state, and are playing a select few pacific NW and east coast dates this summer. I would love to have the opportunity to catch them live… if you are in the area, do yourself a favor and go check them out!

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