#SOR - "VIII" by Mt. Wolf feat. Alexa Harley

By Spike Brendle

Sometimes in my deep dark Spotify explorations I come across a hidden gem that seems to take over my “now playing” screen for about a week. This week’s gem happened to be VIII” by Mt. Wolf.

“VIII” is part of Red, a four-song EP that was released in April of 2015. This track stands out from the others though, as it is the only track to feature a female singer, Alexa Harley. Harley’s voice wanders seamlessly through the song with such sweet innocence, fighting against the song’s gloomy feels… the aspiration of hope. Her vocal delivery on the word “start” during the pre-chorus tugs at your emotions, begging for forgiveness. Her lower register flows smoothly as she draws out her vocals, emerging the listener into a blissful state of dark tranquility. She really makes this song perfect, taking the vocals exactly where they need to go through the entire duration.

“The beauty of a song is not its intended meaning, but the way in which others interpret it,” Harley writes on her Soundcloud page, which also features five original songs and a few additional tracks on which she has provided vocals. She currently resides in London, has a Facebook page and a Twitter account with about 150 followers. Regardless of available information, Alexa is a special artist with a unique style that won’t be unknown for long; keep her on your radar!

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