#SOPE - "Information" by Eliot Sumner

By Spike Brendle

Valley Bar. This place is something else. As described last Sunday by Computer Magic, a “Dream Venue.” Normally at venues, when I am handed a flyer for upcoming shows at entry, it goes directly in the nearest trash can. This time though, I decided to keep it. Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that I am very excited for On An On to come back to Phoenix, and that show was listed on this flyer…along with Eliot Sumner, who will be opening that night. I finally had some downtime so I decided to give her a listen.

Immediately I was drawn to the track “Information.” A quick four-count starts us off into a solid, Arcade Fire-esque drum beat that drives us down a dark road paved with Killers synth leads until Sumner’s vocals creep in and under your skin and echo through your bones. Her voice seems to scrape the bottom of the lower register, but still carries the smooth, seamless texture of a pop singer. The drums and bass are the pulsating backbone of this song, and don't let up until the very end (and yes this song is seven minutes long). Even the bass has a little crunchy distortion but somehow remains a sweet, rounded out, warm tone. I just can’t seem to find something that I don't like about this song; well done.

Besides being a musical powerhouse badass, it should be noted that Eliot Sumner is also the daughter of Sting. I don’t feel I need to name drop for her, because her music speaks for itself, but having a musical influence-parent combo seems to have worked well for her. And, of course, she also is a bassist. The show is Friday, August 28 at Valley Bar, (and a few more dates for you out of state folk) and I cannot wait to see this song, and all her others performed live. 

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