#SOPE - "All or Nothing" by WE ARE TWIN

By Spike Brendle

Enough with all those slow, dreamy bands already. This week I opted for something a little more in-your-face: "All or Nothing", the second to last track on WE ARE TWIN’s debut full length, Xtra Love. I will say though, if you haven’t listened to this album yet, do yourself a favor. Think Love Me Nots playing Arctic Monkeys with addictive Lady Gaga-esque choruses.

WE ARE TWIN is the brainchild of Nicholas Balachandran (Sri-Lankan born, German raised) and Gabi Christine (New York) after a (magical?) meeting somewhere about something. I couldn't find too much more information on them other than adding bass and drums to the mix since their first EP, and they’ve played a few dates in California over the past two years and one show in New York.

The guitar that starts this track out is very simple, yet it feels like you are riding atop a freight train at full speed. The vocals kick in and are accompanied with washed out “ooooohs” on the tail end of the first verse and continue backing leading up to the chorus. The layer on the backing vocals is “whispery” (yes I make up words), giving it a ghostly feel, which is something that I feel can compliment any song. Once the chorus kicks in, an entirely new wave of intensity gets forced into your ears and courses its way through your veins to the tips of your toes.

After transcribing the lyrics, it was difficult to find out what the song is really about. I have narrowed it down to A: Trying to keep control, but dreaming of your “infatuatee” breaking out of their shell and making the move; or B: Partying. A night of going hard (we are talking explicit drug use here kids); or C: Being awoken and straight up requesting sexual pleasure. (the most sexual pleasure) Perhaps it is up to the listener to choose what the song really means, like a horoscope. Feel free to choose your own adventure and change that decision every time you listen to it.

Following the second chorus, a breakdown drags us pleasantly leading to a choral angelic chant and Christine reminds usIt’s all or nothing...” while the song flips into lo-fi and fades out from present into just a memory. Memory is what makes tracks, albums, bands great. What good are you if no one remembers who you are? This track (or album, rather) is very hard to forget, and very hard to NOT get stuck on play, everyday. This track leaves me wanting more, and that’s when this article turns into a sad, begging plea.

Hi WE ARE TWIN, thank you so much for your album that you released eight months ago. Please go on tour. If you do not, I will be sad… very sad.

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