JAILL - "Change Reaction" Music Video Release

By Mandi Kimes

JAILL will hit the road later this month playing shows in support of their new album, Brain Cream (out now on Burger Records.) To align with the tour announcement, the band is sharing a new video for "Change Reaction". JAILL will play Rhythm Room in Phoenix on Tuesday, September 15th, with a stop in Seattle at The LoFi on Thursday, September 10th.

Band member Vinnie Kirchner says, “I wanted an animated, cartoon-ish video for this song and Helen Groom Poser had the idea for stop animation and she wanted to paint it. We brainstormed the concept together focusing on the chorus, 'my love is gonna destroy you again,' and came up with the idea of the boy stealing brain cream from the unicorn to improve himself but destroy the unicorn in the process. When the boy shares the brain cream with the girl that he's fallen in love with, she turns out to be a devil and he is destroyed. There's some greed in all of our love.”

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