By Mandi Kimes

Don't let the band name scare you from coming out to their show tonight; if anything, these cool surf-rock musicians are a splash of water to the face rather than a rush of heat. Heaters, comprised of high school friends Andrew Tamlyn, Nolan Krebs, and Joshua Korf from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has molded together the perfect combination of West Coast psych-rock, California coast surf music, and the traditional garage rock trio. The band has seen buzz with playing at psych festivals across the country, and have been preparing for their new album with a cross-country tour.

Before you buy the ticket to see them at Valley Bar tonight, read the interview I was able to conduct with Nolan Krebs, and then come out with your friends and show Nolan just what Arizona is all about.

MANDI: Who were some of your influences growing up and how does that influence your sound today? Who are some musicians you look up to today?
NOLAN: Surf Records, which is traditional surf music. That’s where Andrew and I bonded. Surf music always seems to be the jumping off point, like Ventures’ “Surfing” record or Dick Dale’s “Surfer’s Choice”. The bands we play with are who we connect with. Our first couple of tours was with a band from New York called The Mystery Lights, and then later a band called Wand.

MANDI: Your new album, Holy Water Pool, comes out late September. I just listened to “Propane” and it’s so high-energy. Can you describe what the writing process is like? Did you do anything different with this album than past releases?
Usually someone has a riff they are working on, and since we all live together, and we mess around a lot. One person has an idea and then we start tinkering it. Andrew plays guitar and is pretty prolific writer. For this album, we recorded with a friend. We had to finance the record ourselves and had to be economical and decided to record with a friend, which is tougher than working with a studio pro, because we’re having to do it all on our own. It’s definitely a learning experience, but I’m not sure if we’ll do it next time.

MANDI: What has been one of the most crazy experiences you’ve encountered on tour?
Both trips to Texas have been insane. We did SXSW, where we would do two or more shows a day per week and it’s really hectic. We played Austin Psych Fest and that was exhilarating.

MANDI: Have you been to Arizona before? What do you hope to experience here?
No; I don’t know too much about the culture, so I’m excited to see the scenery.

MANDI: What are you currently listening to?
Today, I drove to the bank and listened to Lee Hazelwood. That type of stuff (older country type of music) is the same kinda guitar tonal qualities as Surf. Also, the new Tame Impala record. I like it. They’re a band that’s my favorite. I was a little scared when I first heard the single. When I fall really hard for a band like that, I just end up trusting them.


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