#SOPE - Savoir Adore's "Dreamers"

By Spike Brendle

Okay, I will give you a break from my past few posts of female led dreamy electro pop bands this week with Savoir Adore… sort of. Another Brooklyn-born band, the pair Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro bring this melting pot of a song to life.

My first thoughts once the track begins were, “Man, this sounds like it could be a cheesy Stars song,” (which, if you are a Stars fan like I am, you will know exactly what I am talking about) Once the verse hits, all that gets washed away when you could swear you are listening to Morrissey covering a Duran Duran song. With the disco Nile Rogers style guitar lying beneath the Mario Kart keys, now you understand where my melting pot reference comes in. Muro takes over vocals for the chorus and delivers a very satisfying, multi layered hook.

The second chorus is where it really gets good. A chilling, Beach House style guitar riff sneaks its way in at the start, disappears, then comes back full force as the breakdown brings Hammer and Muro together for a dual vocal, colorful, wormhole of pop exhilaration, leading you straight to dreamland. For those who have seen the movie Contact, this song is what I’d imagine you would be listening to on the space beach when Ellie (Jodie Foster) meets her father at the end. (Spoiler alert, but that movie came out in 1997, so deal with it.)

...or maybe Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

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