M3F 2016: MS MR


By Spike Brendle

How can you make an already good lineup better? Add MS MR. As a late add-on to M3F, it’s the third time the duo has been to Phoenix within the last year, and coincidentally their third time hitting the top tier of a music festival. This is not a bad thing. MS MR encompasses everything festival-goers crave, an energetic crowd working presence on stage, danceable music, and one hell of a live show.

Received very well by their fans, How Does It Feel (released July of last year) measured more as a sign of maturity and progression rather than a musical departure, when compared to their first album. Their latest single, “Reckless” performed live at The Fox Theater in Oakland late last year should be enough to convince you. MS MR plays Friday at 5:30, tickets for the fest still available here!

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