Album Review - Michael Rault's "Living Daylight"

By Mandi Kimes

Michael Rault starts the album with "All Alone (On My Own)" a driving chug motion and sings “I’m so damn tired, I don’t wanna go out, I don’t stay in all alone” which is a common struggle for a person like me who loves networking, but sometimes can’t stand the scene of networking. The claps and the beat keep you moving and motivate you to move forward with going out. The instrumental dueling at 2:23 breaks away from the norm of the song and leads back into the pleas of Rault. He ends the song with a quiet “Is that good?” before moving into "Too Bad So Sad". His vocals have a similar vocal effect to T-Rex (which he mentioned is an influence). while he’s not the same genre, this song sounds like Dan Croll in his composition and songwriting. The musical bridge is similar to a Tame Impala breakdown with its explosive drum fills and transitional whirrs.

"Real Love (Yeah)" could easily be the single of the album, as Rault uses his soulful voice to chant “I need a real love” in the chorus, followed by his outbursts of yells. The percussive ornamentation and rapid bass line add funk to the rock jam, and it carries throughout the whole song. "Hiding From a Heartbreak" is a bluesy soul-driven tune of Rault crying about pain from a heartache. The arpeggiated guitar and the bass “walking the scale” adds to the classic blues feel. "I Wanna Love You" resembles Queen’s classic rock n’ roll throwback hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Rault sings “I wanna love you, love you, kiss and hug you” as the guitar plays like a bass, and the vocal “oooh” in the bridge resembles a train horn.

The rock-waltz "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" could be the drunken stumble of a man wishing his love would return. The song sways between a waltz and a ship at sea, and Rault channels The Growlers in his vocal tone. "Suckcess" revisits the rock n’ roll throwback seen previously a couple songs earlier. He promotes his T-Rex sound well in this song and the song really rocks from beginning to end. “Being a suckcess ain’t no fun” is his chant as he wails on the guitar and literally wails. Let’s hope his view changes when he reaches fame.

    "Lovers Lie" might be my favorite simply because of the song’s simplicity. Rault’s melody composition is beautifully-written. He sings of the little “lies” that people relationships tell each other: “I want you all the time” and saying “Forever” when they mean “right now”. It’s an honest realization of how people exaggerate time and needs while under the spell of love. It’s almost like he’s trying to deny the feelings he has for someone in his lyrics. The spellbinding "Lost Something" has an infectious bass that makes the song exponentially better. It’s fitting that the song discusses something is missing and he’s searching for whatever it is, while the song sounds like he’s in a haze with its sitar-sounding chimes. Rault ends the album with "Too All My Friends", which immediately looks grammatically incorrect. The song resembles MGMT’s “Pieces of What” (pre-MGMT batshit crazy days) with the chorus of the song reminding me of The Beatles’ classic “Something” in its key change and excitement. The album ends with an atmospheric fade out.

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