Winyl Wednesdays

The writers of Hear & Now get together with a vinyl of their choice, a bottle of wine, and an open mind full of things to say about each album.

Mandi brought Paul McCartney's RAM
 I had never heard this album.
JASON: It has enough stylistic variety that there's something for everyone here. Also, it's thankfully one of his less twee-sounding albums, as well.
SPIKE: Okay don't kill me but I never knew Paul had a solo career other than with Wings!
MARK: A great nostalgic experience with plenty of delightful surprises.
SPIKE: It's like a walk in the park, and when you are done, you feel good.

Spike brought Secret Machine's Now Here is Nowhere
: Another new album for me.
SPIKE: No one knew about them until it was too late... Except too late hasn't happened yet.
MANDI: The first song is nine minutes long?!
JASON: Sounds like LCD Soundsystem if John Bonham was their drummer and Jimmy Page had a hand in the production. 
MARK: I'll be listening to this more in the very near future.


Jason brought Madonna's Like a Prayer
: "Like a Prayer" is totally about giving head.
SPIKE: I've heard this song, but not this song. Or this song
MANDI: The second song rips off "Born This Way".
JASON: More like "Born This Way" ripped off this song.
MARK: Certainly a few new tunes for me as well.
MANDI: The fourth song is WAY TOO PERCUSSIVE.
JASON: Does it live up tot he hype? Kinda.


Zachary brought Local Natives' Gorilla Manor
NO WAY! I almost brought this record!
JASON: Most of our readers should know this. It's definitely a great melodic indie rock record, for sure.
SPIKE: This album is perfect. Nice.
MARK: At this point my memory of the albums became a bit hazy. For obvious reasons. I remember finding the album to be quite pleasant.
JASON: Though I still give the edge to Hummingbird.
MANDI: I disagree.


Freddie brought King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man
JASON: One of the first and best prog-rock records ever made. One listen to the 13 minute mind-blowing title track and you'll see where The Mars Volta got the blueprints to their sound.
MANDI: Kanye totally sampled this song. Did I mention how much I can't stand Kanye?
SPIKE: Was this the darkest point of where emo got its roots?
MARK: This was my favorite of the night. I think.

Mark brought Of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping
MARK: One of the strangest and most schizophrenic albums I've ever heard. Also a personal favorite.
MANDI: This album gives me an anxiety attack.
JASON: It sounds like someone continuously changing the stations on a car radio, never letting one station play for longer than two minutes.
SPIKE: I remember everything. Thank you for reminding me.
JASON: Some snippets are fascinating; others you want to end before they even start.
MANDI: Did I really just drink a full bottle of Riesling?

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