Album Review - Bang Gang's "The Wolves Are Whispering"

By Ryan Kluge

Reykjavik's Bang Gang, artist name of Bardi Johannson, returns this summer with his first full-length album in nearly seven years, The Wolves Are Whispering. This synth-heavy album is like none other I have heard before, which is extremely refreshing. Johannson uniquely combines organic and synthesized instruments to create one-of-a-kind soundscapes that will truly haunt you.

The introductory track, "The Sin is Near", sets the tone with dark, low guitar arpeggios and eerie strings. Bloodgroup, electro-pop quartet from Iceland, also makes a feature in this song. Using a track like this makes it clear to the listener that this will be quite a dark experience.

Four songs in is the single from the album, "Silent Bite". The overall feel and theme of the album is successfully encompassed in this song with lyrics of terror and haunted hearts. Accompanying the dark lyrics are dissonant guitar lines and eerie noises throughout. It is definitely a very catchy song, however. It is as if goth and pop had a evil dark baby.

Beautifully concluding the album is "We Will Never Get Along". The downtempo song begins with piano chords, followed by Johannson singing lyrics that, by the title, one could imagine being quite melancholy. It consistently builds and builds until the end. The listener is left empty after completing the journey that is The Wolves Are Whispering.

This is easily one of the darkest albums of the summer.  It absolutely should be on your “New Albums to Listen To” list if the synth-heavy, ominous sound is what you are looking for. Some, like me, love the more depressing styles of music such as this. I feel nothing anymore.

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