Album Review - HAELOS' "Earth Not Above"

By Emily Robertson

The optimal time to listen to HAELOS' debut four-track EP is at dawn after a night out with friends or while sneaking out to meet your part-time lover.

Matador Records adds another up-and-coming artist to their already successful roster with the release of Haelos' Earth Not Above EP on June 1. Although the album was dropped just in time for summer, its place is not at a daytime pool party, but could be added to an ambient nighttime playlist. Drawing on inspiration from early 90s electronica, such as Massive Attack and Portishead, the songs are filled with hauntingly beautiful harmonies that will leave you feeling relaxed, yet pensive.

Beginning with the title track "Earth Not Above", the band’s lyrics, “Shadows will guide us // show us what’s true” and “Some people need heroes // some people need love,” guide the listener into a dark and thought-provoking state of mind. This is followed up with "Cloud Nine", AKA the soundtrack to your next breakup.

Overall, the London three-piece’s debut leaves the listener wondering, “What’s next?”

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