Album Review - Fairy Bones' "Dramabot"

By Nathan Pavolko

Fairy Bones, a female-fronted new wave/rock band from Phoenix, Arizona have been touring the Southwest in support of their recently released debut LP this past February with the oddly fitting title, Dramabot. Recorded and produced by Bob Hoag (The AtarisScary Kids Scaring KidsThe Format) and released through 80/20 Records, Fairy Bones creates a wonderful blend of big dynamic rock songs with bizarre 50’s sci-fi synth. The cover art of the album depicts this very well, with a chrome robot drifting through a swamp filled with slimy alien creatures. 

The album opener “Demon and Dogs” is filled with large sweeps of synth and busy drums building to high heights, pushing Chelsey Louise’s vibrato fueled vocals right to the top, leading into the tight bouncing groove of “You And You Again” with spacey, almost other worldly synth and pounding drums. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise at a house show in Tempe, who is a very excited and eccentric girl with a big voice that filled the room in a warm and inviting way. I think this excitement and energy shows in Dramabot

The album has lots of life and vigor: big sounding guitars with layers of fuzz and splatter like in “Notes From Wonderland”; the grooving, deep pocketed bass that will get you moving in “Yeah Pretty Yeah”; and “Heat On The Lips” relentless drums propelling the song forward. For those who may get lost in the lucid synth, wait till you hear Louise’s vocals, capturing a great bluesy wail that few can accomplish. This really shines in the song “Waiting”, her painfully soulful side bellowing out as a crisp piano accompany her and fuzzed out bass with crashing drums join the mix. The band as players leave plenty of space for each other to play their parts individually; letting each other shine, yet coming together in one cohesive mold that sounds fulfilling. 

The beginning of the album has a well-produced feel similar to “It’s Blitz” by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's then slowly opens up to a looser rocking sound in the later half. Like a party, winding down, coming to an end.  All in all, Dramabot is a fun and ambitious album with some dark undertones, that shows the band’s potential to create. I am excited to see what directions they will take their music. Fairy Bones is a great example of the many bands Phoenix has to offer. The band plans to release alongside their album a music video for each track. Three videos have already been released for the tracks “Waiting”, “Whipping Boy”, and “Banshee”. Check out Fairy Bones Friday, June 19th at The Lost Leaf with Banana Gun.

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