Album Review - Creeping Pink's "Mirror Woods"

By Nathan Pavolko

Early morning sun glisten through the tree branches. Everything is still and quite, letting the first light of day settle in. A curious and brilliant hum swoons as bird chirping keys sing playful songs, waking you from a deep sleep. You find yourself in an infinitely strange and beautifully dense forest.

Creeping Pink invite you to join them on their journey through Mirror Woods in their glitchy single "Come Into My World". It's electronically stuttering as layers of synth shape an odd groove, turning the dense forest into a hybrid of pixelated leaves and bark.

Multiple vocal melodies chime, skipping along the ride of a hypnotic drum beat. Slightly distorted keys bellow out like horns creating the song "Peaches". Mirror Woods captures a unique mood like a new Polaroid slightly faded; a newborn with old age. This tune is the saturation of an early Pink Floyd record and the life of an electronic indie band.

This is especially true in the single and title track of the album "Mirror Woods". The song displays the heart of the forest in a lively bouncing rhythm, all to be dismantled into a warping carnival mirror of sound, then suddenly comes back to reality with an elegant piano melody.

Mirror Woods is by no means a quick listen. With so many interesting sounds and colorful layers you will find new things in each play through. Creeping Pink's album Mirror Woods releases July 13th on John Dwyer's (Thee Oh Sees) label, Castle Face Records.

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