Stuck On Play Everyday - "Alive" by Little Anchor

By Spike Brendle

Between vacations (yes, somehow multiple) and work I did not have too much time to dig into anything new this week, so I decided to uncover a little gem I stumbled across a few years ago. Little Anchor, a four piece indie lullaby pop band from Brooklyn, has logged countless hours on my playlist. Lead by Alexa Cabellon (who also doubles up on guitar duty), has one of the sweetest, most comforting voices I have ever heard. Pair that with the simple, “indie lullaby” vibe, it’s hard not to slide back in your chair and let out a sigh of relief. Their last release, Floating Bridges has been out for almost two years now, and I have frequently revisited it to get my fix. 

Alive” opens this relatively short album, and adds just the right layers at just the right times. The guitar and bass slowly fill the foundation for Cabellon’s vocals, while the drums keep everything tied together sealed with just a hint of tambourine. The first lyrics “The dreams I had were real // In dreams I didn't fall asleep” are so cryptic yet transparent. The chorus picks up the pace with driving bass and a little bit looser guitar. Portraying the dream she lives in, “Please just take me from the morning dark to the morning light // I wanna feel alive” is her cry of wanting this dream to be real and last, no matter what nightmares may awaken her from it. “You keep me waiting, but you still keep holding on to me // You keep me guessing, holding my attention you have all of me

The verses take us through her mishaps and dark times, but she can’t and doesn’t want to let go. The second chorus broadens the track’s energy with a chanting bridge, “I wanna feel alive // I wanna feel alive // You make me feel alive” and carries on into the breakdown “You light me up, and watch me burn // I can't escape, I can't let go” she cries to her dream and a fuzzy synth backs the outro chorus (tastefully, of course) until everything returns back to the simplicity we first arrived with at the beginning.

A song of hopeless romanticism and desire for something unobtainable. As dark and depressing as that description sounds, this track is still a feel good jam. That’s why, every now and again, Little Anchor gets stuck on play, everyday.

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