Winyl Wednesdays

The writers of Hear & Now get together with a vinyl of their choice, a bottle of wine, and an open mind full of things to say about each album.

Allyson brought Jawbox's "Novelty"
: Derek (Cooper) would like these drums.
MARK: Punchy as hell drums.
SPIKE: ...but not these drums.
JASON: These guys are a more streamline Fugazi.
MARK: Gentle wails from the guitars.
MANDI: The guitars in "Chump".
SPIKE: I wish I listened to this when I was six.
MARK: Some serious angst from the lead vocals.
SPIKE: "Chump" sounds like Greg Graffin singing over a face to face song
MARK: A bit of punk, a bit of grunge. I dig it.
ALLYSON: I didn't realized how emo "Spite-Bite" was until now.
JASON: This record probably sounded more heartier when it was first released.
MARK: Contrary to popular belief Dave Grohl is not in this band.

Jason brought Huckleberry's "Fine Highway"
: Loooove the lap steel.
JASON: This band is the closest our scene has to Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.
ALLYSON: I had no idea that The Valley had an alt-country band, and it's growing on me.
MARK: This sounds like if Broken Social Scene did the soundtrack for Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
MANDI: His vocals sound like a mix of The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser and Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill.
SPIKE: Would like to see them live again, been too long. They're one of the better, more original local bands.
JASON: This is front-porch-summer kinda music.
MANDI: Those harmonies, though.
ALLYSON: They kind of remind me of Reuben's Accomplice.
MARK: A bit like the Punch Brothers.
MANDI: "Handle Me" has a Paul McCartney sound to it. I love it. (Obvi)
JASON: Perfect music to listen to on your way to Apache Lake.
MARK: This is Arizona desert rock at its best.
MARK: That was delightful.

PJ brought Foals' "Holy Fire"
: The band has always been over-hyped in my opinion.
MARK: A little like Parachutes-era Coldplay but more dancy.
SPIKE: If Local Natives made dance jams without harmonies, it would be this.
MANDI: It sounds very tropical. It reminds me of St. Lucia.
SPIKE: And Future Loves Past. (Hi Rick)
JASON: Future Loves Past ripped off Foals.
MANDI: Ok, "Providence" is intense. I really like it.
MARK: Love the drumming on "Providence" paired with the rest of the orchestration. It gets epic.
MANDI: "Stepson" kinda sounds like a mix of Local Natives and alt-J.
SPIKE: I don't like it anymore. (Ok just kidding)
JASON: It's got a lot of ebbs and flows.
MARK: Dreamcore is the shit.
MANDI: Chill. As. Fuh.
SPIKE: I really hope the Record Store Day B-side "Bluebird" is on Spotify.
ALLYSON: Still not a fan after listening to them again.

Spike brought The Jezabels' "Prisoner"
: Opens with epic organ things.
ALLYSON: Wow.  Holy fuck.
MANDI: I feel like I'm about to watch Phantom of the Opera.
SPIKE: I forgot how epic this is.
JASON: This is some intense drumming.
ALLYSON: How come I never heard of this band until now?
JASON: The second song has an early U2 vibe.
MARK: Sultry lady vocals, of course.
JASON: If Pat Benatar was singing Muse songs written by Robert Smith.
MARKMuse and Dream Theater just had a beautiful baby.
ALLYSON: They have that "big sound" that I love.
SPIKE: "Trycolour" is the goddamn jam.
JASON: Incredibly catchy, 80s rock vibe.
MANDI: I'm jealous of those vocals. Goddamn.
MARK: You're gonna get a sexy beating from this album.

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