Artist Spotlight: WYVES

By Mandi Kimes

Phoenix has seen a rapid flurry of bands come and go. Bands that were "big" last year and playing the festivals and selling out Crescent Ballroom on a Friday night or either no longer together or are switching members around with other bands, making it difficult to play often.

Two Phoenix bands who have seen (what I call) "Phoenix Phame" are now playing less, and its members have moved on to a new project called WYVES. Lead by Corey Gloden from Dry River Yacht Club, the band is mostly made up of members from Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special, who has gone through a complete revamp since last year's awkward exchange of switching out members. Guitarist Nick Sterling, bassist Brendan McBride, and drummer Evan Knisely embody Gloden in its rich blues-rock sound that is guaranteed to get your bones shaking with enthusiasm at their shows.

I had the opportunity to discuss the new project with Gloden, as well as break the mold of what's to come from a new band of not-so-new rockers.

Mandi: What’s the story of all you guys coming together to play music?
Corey: Nick had a bunch of song ideas that (Evan and Brandon) started all writing and playing on. They called me up to just jam with them that day to try the material with vocals. Needless to say, it went well.

Mandi: Who would you cite as some of the influences of the band?
Corey: We all have vast and varied musical influences. Off the top of our heads, we draw influence from Thin Lizzy, Sly and the Family Stone, The Spiders from Mars, The Clash, The Stones, Buddy Holly, Eagles of Death Metal, Elvis Costello and Presley, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper Group, and The name a few.

Mandi: What do you hope to do differently with WYVES than with prior projects?
Corey: With WYVES, we hope to write in numerous styles. Also, recording often and releasing quickly are a must for us right now.

Mandi: What has been some of the reactions you’ve received from people about the new band (i.e. fans of prior projects, friends and family, new fans, etc.)?
Corey: So far, the reactions we are getting from new and old fans are nothing but excitement. "How the hell did I not know about this?", "I love the name, but WHY?" "When and where?". Apparently people are hungry for Rock and Roll again. To that, we say "Good".

Mandi: What’s next for WYVES? Any plans for an album and/or tour?
Corey: We are currently recording with Ryan King and Curtis Grippe between a house and Stem studios. We definitely plan on hitting the road soon.

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