Stuck On Play Everyday - "OOO AAA" by Cathedrals

By Spike Brendle

I have been following Cathedrals for a while. I can’t seem to remember exactly how I ran across them, but I decided their EP was Spotify playlist-worthy in September 2014 (which was also the month it was released.) Cathedrals is a boy/girl duo comprised of vocals by Brodie Jenkins of Ghost and Gale and Johnny Hwin of Blackbird Blackbird. This EP is very diverse, while keeping the electronic indie/pop them. They start us off with their electro-indie single “Harlem” and end us with an soulful R&B track, “Want My Love” that almost makes me feel like I am in the 90’s again.

Their “poppier” track, “OOO AAA” caught my attention most, with the bass hitting like a trap song and a chopped repeating vocal take. Once the verses hit, Jenkins' soulful passion shines, dancing through the continuing bass as Hwin joins in and layers her voice with comfort like a warm blanket, giving a somewhat The XX-ish feel (except WAY more interesting.) The chorus in this song is perfect. Sprinkled under the infectious vocal melody is a little bit of everything; a sweet, mellow guitar riff, just enough synth to make you feel fuzzy inside, a few subtle claps and that bass... The ending takes us down a synth-lead spiral of dreamy guitar, a repeat of the chorus, and eventually the same “OOO AAA” that brought us into the song. 

Keep your eye on Cathedrals, and add them to your next playlist, along with the rest of the EP.

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