Winyl Wednesdays

When all the writers are too busy to get together, sometimes we WINYL with our parents. This week, Mandi enjoyed some vinyl and wine with her dad, Casey, and her stepmom, Jaelene. Casey had his own vinyl, while Jaelene dug through Mandi's vinyl collection for one of her choosing. Here's how it went:

Mandi brought Phox's self-titled
My family is huge fans and followers of Jared & the Mill, hometown friends of ours, who happen to also be friends with this band. After explaining this to my stepmom, she grew very excited because she adores Jared (I mean, how could you not? That jawline, though.)
JAELENE: Is this a boy or a girl?
MANDI: It's a girl singing, backed by five dudes.
JAELENE: Is it possible this girl could convince Jared (Kolesar) to take his shirt off?
CASEY: ....
MANDI: (about "Leisure") This song is about staying in bed with someone you love while eating pizza. All day.
JAELENE: (about "Slow Motion") Songs with clapping are my favorite. I think that's why I like baseball games. So much interactive clapping.
MANDI: (about "1936") Check out these killer harmonies - they're sung by a guy in the band. I didn't know it until I saw them live.
JAELENE: I wouldn't believe those harmonies were by a dude if I didn't trust Mandi to tell me the truth about music.
MANDI: This song is about someone in her family that everyone is upset with, for some reason.
JAELENE: Songs about family drama are always the best ya know? We all have it. We can all relate. Mandi just played air drums.
MANDI: (about "Evil") Okay so her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend in this song. You wouldn't guess it by how happy-sounding it is.
JAELENE: Small town drama is awesome too.
MANDI: (about "Laura") Oh man, here comes the bummer track.
JAELENE: I know the bummer song is going to be my favorite...Yep. The bummer song wins.

Jaelene chose Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell
JAELENE: I know for sure this is a dude
MANDI: He wrote this song about his parents.
JAELENE: I wonder what an album about my parents would sound like.
MANDI: (checking Wikipedia) Oh's about his mom and stepdad.
JAELENE: I love how it sounds old, but it's not.
MANDI: Apparently his mom is a bi-polar schizophrenic drug addict. Also an alcoholic.
JAELENE: This album breaks my heart. Maybe I like being heart broken because I love listening to it

Casey chose the Star Wars Original Movie Soundtrack
Did you change your shirt?
CASEY: No, I've been wearing this shirt all day...
JAELENE: Hmm....
CASEY: Are you gonna take notes?
JAELENE: Why would I? I've heard this about 800 times.
CASEY: Aaah, this is when the storyline is scrolling....and then you see the Death Star...
MANDI: What part is this?
CASEY: This is when they're looking for R2
MANDI: Is that the droid that they're looking for?
(subtle giggles)
MANDI: Are they gonna play the cantina music?
CASEY: Not on this side.
MANDI: Listening to scratchy vinyl is like listening to the rain.

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