The Weepies - 6/11/15 at Crescent Ballroom

By Emily Robertson

Walking past Crescent Ballroom on June 11th, you may not have realized there was a show happening. However, just inside the venue there were a few hundred people entirely captivated by The Weepies’ set.

Back in the Valley for the first time since 2011, it seemed like no time had passed at all. In the meantime, however, the band’s fanbase has been growing. Having been at their Rhythm Room show four years ago, I was surprised at the amount of people in the venue, but at the same time, not surprised at all.

The Weepies’ Deb Talan and Steve Tannen have been through quite a lot in the four years since their last full band tour—including a battle with breast cancer, which Talan beat last summer. The band continued to write and record from their home studio in Iowa throughout Talan’s treatment. Overcoming adversity gave the duo a new focus, sharpening their skills and sound.

This renewed focus was definitely apparent during their show, which was one of the most professional sets I have ever witnessed at Crescent Ballroom. With help from the sound techs, the band was able to achieve a highly engineered and refined sound. There was even a shield set up around the drum kit as to perfectly manage the percussion level.

Throughout their show the theme of children came up often, showing just how much their parenting comes into play while writing and recording. The pair, who have three children together, said that kids are the harshest critics, and many of the songs on their newest release, Sirens, were only included if their kids were dancing. This was certainly the case of “Never Let You Down,” which is a departure from their established sound and has a childlike sense to it that had the crowd dancing, children and all.

Their performance of “World Spins Madly On” was so enthralling that you could hear a pin drop. During “Nobody Knows Me At All” there wasn’t a person not singing. The entire crowd was experiencing the exhibition on a deeper level, placing everyone in the same moment and headspace. Despite having a large crowd that was entirely captured in the overall performance, the band remained extremely humble. At one point, Tannen remarked that he and Talan brought their own living room rug for their stage setup so that he can look at the floor while playing to calm his nerves. It’s hard to imagine that such a veteran musician would need something so trivial to feel comfortable while performing.

As I was walking out of the show, two older ladies were behind me. One asked the other, “Lovely, right?” Lovely was the perfect way to describe the entire night.

Gotta Have You
Be My Thrill
My Little Love
Fancy Things
Can’t Go Back Now
Vegas Baby
Painting By Chagall
Crooked Smiles
River From The Sky
Early Morning Riser
Brand New Pair of Wings
Never Let You Down
World Spins Madly On
Same Changes
Ever Said Goodbye
Nobody Knows Me At All
No Trouble
Be My Honeypie
Just Blue
Somebody Loved
I Was Made For Sunny Days


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