Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room - 8/16/15 at The Rebel Lounge

By Allyson Bills

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room made us Phoenicians forget about the 110+  temperatures, even if it was for an hour or so. The Chicago man, also known as the co- vocalist and bassist of The Alkaline Trio, came to Phoenix with his backing band The Emergency Room on a Sunday night to The Rebel Lounge. The enthusiastic audience included members of Andrew Jackson Jihad. The fact that you get to see Andriano in an intimate setting is unreal. This is something that doesn’t happen everyday, and the audience knew this fact as well. I saw Andriano play last December on the “Where’s The Band Tour,” and was excited for the opportunity to him and the Emergency Room shred it up.

Andriano was aware how hot it was outside, and greeted the audience asking if anyone knew who Willis Carrier is (the inventor of the air conditioner). What a unique way to introduce yourself the audience, I thought. At this point, I knew we would be in for a great show.  And I was right.

Andriano and the Emergency Room, which includes members of Jeff Rosenstock and Spraynard, both of who are currently touring with Andriano, began their hour-plus long set with “Fire Pit” off their latest album Party Adjacent. This song felt like it could have also been released by The Alkaline Trio with that band’s trademark mid-temp drums set.  “Fire Pit” was the most appropriate song to open with, especially in Phoenix where all of us are currently literally living in a fire pit. The lyrics of “Fire Pit” of “let’s get it nice and warm” resonated to the dudes in the crowd. Things got so hot that a male in the audience yelled “I’m so horny” to Andriano.

The show continued to get even hotter with “Eye Contact” and “Enemies,” both from Party Adjacent, the more rocking release from Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room. Andriano also knew how to keep it hot and quiet things down with the other most appropriate song (to Phoenix) off his set, “It’s Gonna Rain All Day” from Hurricane Season. Arizona needs the rain, and needs it really bad. The audience pretended to rain with their sing-a-longs, that is. This was all that was needed that night. Andriano also made the audience want to escape to different part of the country with “Me and Denver,” also off Hurricane Season. If only I could right now. Thanks for the reminder, Dan.

Andriano also knew how to be the epitome of cool while sipping Michelob Ultras throughout the set with his rousing rock-countryish number, “Lowrider” from Party Adjacent. A song he said was about being cool, and one of the strongest songs in his set that night. He carried his coolness through to “Pretty Teeth,” the first track off Party Adjacent, and through to his encore acoustic track “From This Oil Can” from Hurricane Season.

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room perhaps played one of the loudest sets that I’ve ever witnessed at The Rebel Lounge thus far since its opening.  He definitely made me and everyone else forget about the heat.  Also, possibly one guy’s Man Crush Monday  (#mcm) for Instagram today. Sunday night proved that Phoenicians will brave the heat to see Dan Andriano do his thing. If you weren’t there, you missed out.

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