Rocky Votolato - 8/29/15 at Crocodile Cafe

By Ryan Kluge

Seattle-based songwriter; Rocky Votolato, completes the 44th and final show of his tour at the Crocodile Café with guests Chris Farren and Dave Hause. Chris Farren opens up the evening with a few “…depressing fucking songs” which he sang only accompanied by his acoustic guitar that included songs such as “Don’t Die in Your Hometown.” 

Following Chris Farren was Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter David Hause. Instead of singing over an acoustic guitar, Hause played over-driven electric guitar along with another electric guitar or keyboard that was played by his brother. It was an interesting set up to have without a full band, but they pulled it off well. For his final song, Hause brought up Chris Farren and Rocky Votolato onto the stage along with someone from the crowd to sing their last song together. 

Finally, it is time for Rocky Votolato to perform. At this point in the evening, everyone is packed like sardines in the venue. Votolato gets up and has a full band with him. At this point, it is refreshing to hear a full band play. Earlier this year, Votolato released his newest album Hospital Handshakes, which features many of the songs that he performed this evening. One of my favorite songs from the album, “Boxcutter,” is a song that tells the listener to “Trust that everything happening’s perfect” and “We must each be broken if we’re ever to be made new again.” 

The overall performance of Rocky Votolato and his band was fantastic, each displaying a very high level of musicianship. There was also a family-esque interaction between the band and the audience, perhaps due to them playing in their hometown. Many were singing along, some dancing. Because this was the final show of a 44-show tour, each performer seemed pretty exhausted and glad that the tour was over. They also exchanged a few tour stories with the crowd, which really added to the family feel of the show. Overall, the show was very dynamic, from having one guy on stage, to a full band when Votolato went on and displayed some very talented musicians.

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