Jared & the Mill - 9/4/15 at Crescent Ballroom

By Jesii Dee

With a much deserved sold out home base show, the place was packed for Jared and the Mill. I was happily standing next to Chuck Morriss III's 76-year-old grandma, Jal, with my friend. She made my night. The crowd was not messing around and was instantly dancing and singing along with Jared Kolesar's sweet baritone. He seemed a little nervous, but a quick and strange fluke with the sound seemed to crack them all up and the nerves subsided. 

It was good to hear them play some new songs; the first one was a bit of a departure sound wise, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. A true testament of their talent showed when they got a packed house to quietly listen to a new song. The second new song was my favorite of the night: "Can you tell me about the moon that rises" are my new favorite lyrics at the moment. They stomped through the second to last song and had the entire crowd right along with them. 

They are the only band that can end their set with a Bruce Springsteen song and I am not upset about it. Josh Morin has some incredible head banging moves.

And Chuck, please bring your grandma to every show. She is adorable. 

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