"Throwback R&B/Pop-Hop" by Spike Brendle

I remember the first time I realized I didn’t have to listen to the same music as my mom. I was in 4th grade, it was 1995, and LL Cool J’s “Mr. Smith” had just come out. Coincidentally, my 4th grade teacher was also named Mr. Smith, and a classmate had brought said CD in. Amused and unaware of what he was about to do, he popped the CD in and pushed play. I don’t remember how long it played, but I do remember half the class giggling and the other half gasping with hands over their mouths, shocked at what they had just heard.

The next year I found myself purchasing my first CD, which somehow was Fiona Apple’s Tidal. That, of course was quickly followed by Soul For Real, Brandy, Blackstreet and eventually Sublime (which my mother confiscated almost immediately.) Either way, country music was out and pop music was in, and my radio was permanently set to Party Radio 103.9.

Without further adieu, let me take you on a ride through a decade (1995-2004) of R&B Pop/Hop nostalgia. Put it on shuffle, and enjoy!

"Essentials: The Strokes"

"Eaux Claires" by Mandi Kimes