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On February 26th, Quilt will be releasing their third and finest record, Plaza, on Mexican Summer, and last week, they've shared the song "Roller." One of the last songs written for the album, it features the vocals of Anna Fox Rochinski, and is one of the most poppy songs ever written by the band. However, despite its upbeat nature, it hides a lyrical sadness. The song focuses on feelings of being stuck and frustrated with other people, as well as the concept of being a "roller," which Rochinski describes as "a sensation that lies somewhere between claiming strength for yourself but also hiding to protect yourself from the human bullsh*t of the world. Ultimately, it's a rumination on seeking peace through isolation."

is the progressive pop-leaning indie rock project of childhood friends Matt McGuire and Will Walden. They've recently finished writing music for their upcoming LP Don't Check Out which will be out on February 26th. The band has just premiered the second single from the album, "I Don't Belong Here". According to StaG, "'I Don't Belong Here' is about "feeling completely isolated from your closest friend as they go through changes. But instead of longing for a reunion or an explanation or a big shouting match, the song is truly just about wanting to comfortably and honestly admit that things are different and that’s okay. The tone of this song is meant to be heartwarming and nostalgic, almost confident in its sadder realizations." StaG takes life’s emotional complexities and turns them into an uplifting piece of art that’s part a longing look out a rain soaked window and part an unhinged dance party. At its heart is the deep bond of friendship between McGuire and Walden – a couple of lost kids who couldn’t be more excited about helping each other communicate through music.

For their darkly shaded and radiant debut album, HÆLOS have found their blues where others go to find pure, uncut joy: the dance floor. The London-based trio, comprised of Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout, spent 2015 honed up in their studio writing and producing a fully realized album that perfectly encapsulates the band’s philosophy. Full Circle is set for a March 18th release on Matador Records. Born out of a mutual fascination with the lost hours of a night out, the exhilarating privacy of a cavernous club’s dark pockets and the introspective comedowns that accompany rainy 5am cab rides, HÆLOS create rippling electronic pop that both reflects and soundtracks these moments. Each one of their songs retraces their steps between stresses to sanctuary, desperation to relief, darkness into light. Every moment of uneasy reflection on Full Circle is matched by quiet explosions, but throughout the album’s loudest and most peaceful moments alike, it retains a pristine intimacy. This is especially evident on new single, “Oracle.”

On March 4th, Montreal recording artist Tiga will release the conclusion to a trilogy of albums with No Fantasy Required. Today, the artist has shared a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke from the album titled "Planet E." 
In his illustrious career, Tiga has remixed LCD SoundsystemDepeche ModeColdcutThe XX and Moby, among many others. He has used his Turbo label to break new acts like Duke Dumont, Chromeo, Gesaffelstein and Boyz Noize. In addition, he has frequently collaborated with luminaries such as James MurphyPusha T and, on No Fantasy RequiredHudson Mohawke and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. Now, working with key producer Matthew Dear, and Finnish wizard Jori Hulkkonen (who also performs with him live), Tiga has made a record on which he says he feels "more honest, open and playful." No Fantasy Required is a collection of inspired songs that just happen to be delivered via visceral dance music. It's an album with songs and real character, one also packed with instant bangers.

Damien Jurado
shares the cinematic video for "Exit 353," the first single off his new studio album, Visions of Us on the Land, out March 18th on Secretly Canadian. This album is the third and final entry in the cosmic trilogy that began with Maraqopa in 2012 and followed by Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son in 2014. The video was directed by Elise Tyler, who had this to say about the concept: “[Jurado] has a strong history of cinematic music videos, so I felt very free to explore narrative and image with ‘Exit 353’. I was inspired by the haunting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest; it is a perfect backdrop for [Jurado]'s music, which clearly originates from the towering pine trees, dense fog, and winding hills of the region…In my mind, he is on the verge of leaving this world and disappearing into anonymity. He is pulled back momentarily by these young women who perhaps need his help- but he quickly realized that he should have never been seduced back into society, that he was and is alone among men.”

Venice Beach's purveyors of psychedelic violence, The Shrine, are releasing Rare Breed, their debut full-length for Century Media Records. To ring in the release, the group has shared their digipak-only bonus version of "Never More Than Now" featuring vocals from the legendary Keith Morris (Black Flag, Off!, Circle Jerks). Produced by Dave Jerden (the venerated knobsman behind such classics as Alice In ChainsDirt, Jane's Addition's Nothing's Shocking, Social Distortion's self-titled, The Offspring's Ixnay On The Hombre and Eno/Byrne’s My Life In The Bush of Ghosts) and recorded through the very amp that Greg Ginn recorded Black Flag’s Damaged on, Rare Breed exists in a space that once was bleeding with razor sharp lines separating punks, metal heads and hippies, where a violent clash in the parking lot of the Cuckoo's Nest was inevitable. 

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