Single & Lovin' It Vol. 11

Comprised of Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, Editors' Justin Lockey and his brother James, Minor Victories announceD its self-titled debut album. What began as Justin's desire to create an extreme noise EP topped off by a delicate female vocals, Minor Victories became a cinematic 10-track LP, masterfully crafted by four band members who have somehow never even all been in the same room together. Produced and engineered by Justin, and featuring the likes of Mark Kozelek and James Graham from The Twilight Sad, Minor Victories will be released on June 3rd via Fat Possum Records. The first taste of Minor Victories' debut is the haunting, synth-driven "A Hundred Ropes," which is accompanied by a striking video filmed by the Lockey brothers' video and film partnership entitled Hand Held Cine Club. The first in a series of shorts that will be released over the next few months, the video exhibits the band's strong visual aesthetic and further represents the non-conventional route that Minor Victories have taken thus far.

Lucas Nord
shares a brand new single "Don't Need Your Love" from his new album Company out April 22nd on Cosmos Music. On his new forthcoming album, Nord shares his thoughts and feelings from a recent break up. The songs are about becoming emotionally fucked up from spending your time loving someone, but not being loved back in return. Nord saw his first successes a few years earlier, when he started out as a producer primarily. "Run On Love", his single with Tove Lo, brought his name into the spotlight in the US and since the release in 2013 the single has kept building and recently made it to no. 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart. After his collaborations with Tove Lo and Urban Cone back in 2012, Nord has continued to seek new directions for his music. What started with a heavy house and strong electronic leaning has become lighter, more airy and with a sound mixing pop and R&B. In terms of new collaborations, Nord prefers to work with close friends to keep it intimate and honest. This shines through on the Company, where he has written with Melo, Emil Gustafsson and Rasmus Flyckt from Urban Cone. What inspires him are impressions from new surroundings and situations or from other musical genres.

Parquet Courts
are shared the video for their brand new single, "Berlin Got Blurry," which comes from their forthcoming Rough Trade LP, Human Performance. "Berlin Got Blurry" is a song about existential nausea, confusion, and finding oneself in a place you don't recognize. Whereas the first song to be shared, "Dust," was a minimalist treatise on social anxiety, "Berlin Got Blurry" is one of the band's most accessible songs yet, a jangly affair with a serpentine guitar lick that's as dizzying as it is memorable. "'Berlin Got Blurry' is a song about saying goodbye to someone from the other side of the world," says songwriter Andrew Savage, "and about feeling completely foreign to your environment; knowing you can't go home, but not knowing where you belong." Regarding the video, he continues, "I wrote the song in Berlin, so it made sense to try to recreate my experience for the video. It was shot on 16mm by the wonderful, talented and patient Claes Nordwall, who was able to take my very loose concept and make it into something really beautiful."


Sheffield's finest indie-punks, Nai Harvest, announced a new double A-side single, Just Like You / Jelly, and it marks the first new material from the band since last year's critically acclaimed full length Hairball. "Just Like You" captures more of the fuzzed-out and immediate sound showcased on the album while also channeling the slacker-rock sentiment of fan favorite, the Hold Open My Head EP. "Just Like You is a song about two or more people being literally glued together and forced to be the same person but they're all just trying to rip each other apart. It sounds pretty fucking mental when said out loud,” explains Ben Thompson. “It's one of our favorite songs we've written as a band and it just flowed out of us so naturally. As always, we tried to keep it sounding as gritty and wild in the studio as it did live and on demos."

Last week, blondfire premiered her dynamic new song "Sex, Lies and Destruction." "I think everyone has fallen for someone who they know is terribly wrong for them, that so called bad boy/girl," said Erica Driscoll. "'Sex Lies and Destruction' is about the attraction to the danger that can pull you in like a magnet, even though you know it can only end one way-crash and burn." The track is from blondfire's upcoming EP, True Confessions, which will be released on March 11th via WAX ltd. The lead single and title track of the collection has been heating up on alternative radio, with a wide range of supporters including Alt Nation, Alt 98.7, KROQ, KCSN and more. The EP bursts forth with a potent sense of purpose, more guitars, and more bite, both sonically and lyrically. It is confidence, fantasy, truth, and emotion, all wrapped up in captivating hooks and celestial sounds. Driscoll's ethereal vocals and massive melodies have attracted a worldwide fan-base that has garnered her more than 7 million combined plays on Spotify and YouTube.

When Norwegian guitarist, improviser and composer Kim Myhr had an opportunity to collaborate with the never-stagnant Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for the second time, he invited fellow Norwegian, Jenny Hval, to join him. Together, they’ve created In the End His Voice Will Be the Sound of Paper – a title that materialized during a conversation about Bob Dylan’s aging voice. They began with a set of sketches, melodies, and lyrics before improvising most of the album. For Myhr it was exciting to “boil down” his own style to the bare essentials – only playing acoustic guitar – while Hval’s expressed ambition was to try to accentuate the emotional aspects of the music. The album’s been described as a musical combination of improvisation, contemporary Feldmanian music, pop and the spoken word. On In The End, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is entirely acoustic, and is comprised of elevem musicians with backgrounds in jazz, improvisational music and contemporary music. They come from Norway, Wales and Australia, and were all handpicked by Myhr. In The End His Voice Will Be The Sound Of Paper is out on April 8th via HUBRO/Forced Exposure.

You Won't
, the Massachusetts-based musical duo of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, have announced the upcoming release of Revolutionaries, their second studio album, on April 29th via Extraneous Music / Meddling Kids. Self-produced by the band over a period of two and a half years, Revolutionaries is the follow-up to their 2012 debut LP Skeptic Goodbye, which garnered praise from SPIN, NPR, KEXP, and The New York Times, and earned them support slots with The Lumineers, The Joy Formidable, Lucius, and Deer Tick, among others. The band's musical core is the merging of Arnoudse's evocative lyrics, lilting melodies and punk-infused guitar with Sastri's nimble, jazz-inflected percussion and seemingly endless supply of obscure instrumentation. Over fifteen intertwining tracks, Revolutionaries tells a story of wrong turns, curveballs, and injured buttocks, interspersed with the occasional moment of unexpected clarity. Taken as a whole, the album is a thoughtful and frequently witty meditation on what we choose to believe, who we choose to believe in, and how these choices shape our lives. Perhaps most importantly, it represents the latest and most public salvo in a revolution that the members of You Won't have privately been leading, in some form or another, for the past seventeen years. 

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